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Absorbent Mat: Tips to Get the Right One

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Absorbent Mat: Tips to Get the Right One

It has become so common to see an absorbent mat in the market. With this, there is always a task-specific mat to be used for various applications. But sometimes, the availability of so many choices make it challenging for people to choose the right absorbent. Chemical spill and oil pads are the kinds of absorbents that are popular in the market as they can soak up various types of liquids.

So what needs to be done to make sure that you will be getting the right mat for your specific application? Below is a guide that will be of great help.

What Type of Liquid are You Working With?

First off, you have to identify the kind of liquid that you will be working with in your facility. Making use of the wrong absorbent mat would mean that spills will not be absorbed and thus, they will spread and cause hazard. On the other hand, the right type will allow for an efficient and fast slip cleanup.

Knowing the right type of liquid will help in choosing the most suited absorbent. This will also make the clean up of spills and leaks easier so the facility stays clean and safe for all employees.

What Volume of Liquid will Spill?

When selecting a mat, you also have to consider the maximum amount of liquid that has a tendency to spill. This would determine the ideal weight of mat that you need for your application. Oil, universal, and chemical spill pads are often available in three different weights- lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight.

It is necessary to get the right weight of mat so that you can use it to its maximum potential and money will not be wasted. The use of a heavy-weight mat in low-volume applications mean that the pad is thrown away before it gets saturated. Also, a lightweight mat that should be changed out for four times during a single-shift would mean that money will be lost on unnecessary and inefficient labor costs. Having to balance between absorbance and volume is a valuable part of the spill and leak pad section.

What is the Kind of Traffic in the Area?

The traffic in the area where spill is likely to happen is another consideration when choosing a universal, oil, and chemical absorbent pads and mats. Knowing this would help you know how durable the mat should be. In places that have high traffic where carts and forklifts are utilized, you will be needing a highly durable and long-wearing mat. On the other hand, in areas with low traffic like walkways, aisles, and under machines, normal, medium, and heavyweight mats are suitable.

Answering the questions above would tell you the best direction to take and you can be certain that the facility is ready for any dangerous spills and leaks.