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The Advantages of Commercial Cladding

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In the world of construction, commercial cladding includes coating the building materials with another. This is done for the reasons that are related to safety, aesthetics, and function. There are numerous materials that are utilized in cladding such as plastic, wood, metal, and imitation stone and each of them offers different options. For example, wood cladding may range from pine and cedar. This also extends to plywood sheets. Metal cladding is even available in aluminum or galvanized steel.


Excellent way to Protect and Safeguard

Are you wondering why should you use commercial cladding in your construction project? One reason is the additional layer of defense it gives to any building. In fact, cladding can increase the mechanical power of a building while it also offers protection from different elements.

Buildings that choose to incorporate cladding become highly resistant to any crack that is caused by climate change or temperature, as well as sunlight, water absorption, and different kinds of pollution compared to non-clad structures. As a result of cladding, the surfaces offer even provide protection from humidity, rain, strong winds, and mould.


Low Maintenance

Another advantage of cladding is the fact that it makes buildings to be low maintenance. As compared to any painted surface, it only needs very minimal cleaning and repairing. The majority of them requires nothing more, just a normal wash so it stays fresh and clean.

This aspect is even applicable in spite of the material being used. For example, extruded aluminum cladding is usually for facades, canopies, column covers, and roofs due to its better resilience and stability. Such features make sure that a structure is shielded from different elements while requiring little upkeeps.

These benefits can also be experienced in vinyl type of cladding- this is commonly seen on building facades. This type of cladding only needs a power-wash in every a few years when it comes to maintaining it. In case replacement is needed, the material can be easily sized, cut, and install. Brick or stone cladding is a much better maintenance free option, though this can be a bit expensive type of cladding option as far as up-front cost is concern.


Aesthetic Choice

Although the main reasons for having cladding in construction projects are practical, you also need to consider the aesthetic aspect. Cladding that was chosen right can greatly change the entire look of any building to transform the appeal and raise its value in the market. This is also why manufacturers are offering a variety of materials and styles.

For instance, granite cladding come in different finishes and colors. You can choose from polished or rough. This would depend on the choice of the builder or architect.

Brick cladding is another option. Its final finish can range from white stone up to rustic style. Stone cladding is also available in attractive range of colors like charcoal and cream.

Cladding indeed offers so many benefits of strong protection and low maintenance, while giving the building a more beautiful and unique look.