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Protect Your Home with Security Doors and Windows

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Just like how you get inside into your home, intruders can do the same. Before you know it, they have been going in and out of your home and have been taking over your property. This is why there is a need to protect your doors. But you need to keep in mind that protecting only the front door is not enough, it should be done on both the front and back. At the same time, you may have a sliding door to your patio, door to your garage, or to the basement. All these need to be secured.

On the other hand, if burglars can’t get into your door, they will be using your windows to break in. Although it’s unlikely for them to choose to create a noise, at times when windows are left open or when they don’t work properly, the house will be inviting burglars.

It’s a good thing that you can protect your home by installing security doors and windows to make sure that none gets stolen and none gets hurt in your family.

Tips to Maximize your Security Doors and Windows

  • Be sure to let at least one window or door in every room be a fire escape. This means that it should be possible to exit through a door or window quickly.
  • Your exterior doors need to solid-core with heavy duty dead bolts in a sturdy frame with long screws so they can’t be easily kicked open.
  • If you are opening your door in daytime to let some sunlight come in, then you should consider installing a storm door with a lock. This will let the sunlight come in while keeping the burglars out.
  • Security bars should be placed over your basement windows and around your removable AC unit prevent burglars or any intruder from crawling inside.
  • Install dead bolts that have captive locks on doors that are located next to your windows. These types of locks have removable thumb latches. With this, even if a thief gets in through the window, he won’t be able to reach and unlock the door. You can also opt for Whittlesea security doors to ensure safety.
  • Be sure to lock your doors and windows even the ones in the second floor even if you will just be out for a few minutes.
  • Consider combination key locks as these are great to keep rooms off limits to anyone but those who has the code.
  • Install automatic openers on your garage doors or a bolt-type lock on every end of your garage doors.
  • It’s best to have padlocks that are highly water-resistant.
  • Do not forget to lock your garage, gate, shed, as well as your storage warehouse doors.
  • Install additional locks for your windows, especially on those that can be accessed from the ground.
  • Install an impact-resistant glass on all windows in your basement as they often used as access point.

Making sure that the home and your family is safe needs to be a priority. This is why it’s always worth it to invest in security doors Essendon and security windows. If you want to have the best security systems installed, visit for a wide selection.