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Sonic Drill and Its Method of Operation

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We qualified that sonic drill is a rotary-vibratory drill. It is powerful enough and as a matter of fact, it is capable of handling high drilling speeds. It can also help you accomplish various drilling tasks like continuous coring something which many other drilling equipment and methods all short on.

The very first thing noticeable about it is that it has a very close semblance to the mud rotary drill rig. If they should have any difference, it will be found in the drill head. The sonic drill comes with a larger drill head when compared to the standard rotary head.

Sonic Drill and Its Method of Operation

The drill head is an important element of the drill rig in such a way that it holds the mechanism for the rotary motion. Aside from that, it also contains the oscillator, which is responsible for the high-frequency force that is being imposed on the string of the drill.

As for the drill bit, it is designed to vibrate up and down aside from being rotated and pushed down.  Combining all these forces together and you have a drilling work proceeding rapidly through any kind of geological formation containing different types of rock.  

How Does Sonic Drill Work?

The sonic power generated by the 2 oscillators found inside the drilling head will produce an array of frequencies. Due to the vibrations that oscillators generate, the resistance involving the formation is lowered. This will pave the way for rapid penetration rates.

The operator can regulate the generated frequencies with respect to the drilling conditions being encountered to really optimize the drilling efficiency. The best way to describe sonic drilling is that it is a clean, fast, and low impact method of drilling for a wide array of applications. This may include

  • Geotechnical
  • Environmental
  • Mineral exploration

They come with different kinds of sampling capabilities.

The Advantages of Sonic Drilling

A sonic drill can help reduce waste by up to 80%. Sonic drilling utilizes the groundbreaking casing advancement system, it eradicates slough. This leaves for improved sample integrity even through dolomite, limestone, sand and a host of other unconsolidated material.

Delivers superior information. What sonic drilling usually provides you with is a relatively pure core sample of unmatched accuracy and quality via whatever type of formation. With the deviation rate that is less than 1%,  geologists, environmental scientists, and drillers will know exactly the location from which the sample was taken.

Sonic drilling is faster. This drilling rigs technology is making use of high-frequency resonance that helps in eradicating the friction that exists between the subsurface material and the core barrel advancing. By this measure, it is making it all possible to have maximum core recovery and efficient penetration in different kinds of subsurface conditions.  

While the drilling process is ongoing, the resonant energy will relay the drill string towards the bit face at varying levels of sonic frequencies. By virtue of rotating the drill simultaneously, the energy is evenly distributed and is directed at the bit face.