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The Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery

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For people who are considered obese, losing weight is a serious challenge. There are many of them who have struggled for so many years just to get rid of that extra flesh from their body but were not able to succeed.

Obese people who did not succeed in achieving their goals in terms of weight through exercise, slimming pills, and diet could substantially benefit from the wide range of weight loss surgery procedures that are available today.

Today, obesity spreads so fast and so many more people are suffering from it across the world. The rise in the number of obese people contributed to the popularity of a weight loss procedure known as bariatric surgery. This surgery comes in different kinds that could help people get rid of those excess fats that have accumulated through the years. Such surgeries have proven to be effective in helping patients to achieve long-term weight loss.


Weight Loss Procedures

Gastric Bypass

It is a very popular weight loss surgery that is also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. For this surgery, there is a reduction in the size of the stomach, as well as the length of the small intestine. During the procedure, the bariatrician will attach a Y-shaped section to the small intestine directly to the smaller upper pouch. This allows food to bypass the rest of the patient’s stomach and a big portion of the small intestine. With this, the absorption of nutrients and calories will be limited, this allowing the person to feel fuller.


Gastric Sleeve

Another name for this is sleeve gastrectomy and it’s a popular procedure that involves stomach reduction where the surgeon permanently removes almost 85% of the stomach. After the surgery, the stomach gets a shape of a sleeve or tube. This tube makes a restrictive process that limits the amount of food that the patient consumes. After the surgery, the stomach becomes smaller and the patient will quickly feel fuller, thus leading to weight loss.


Gastric Band

This is also known as laparoscopic gastric banding. This is the second most performed surgery after gastric bypass. A lap band surgery is a procedure that is reversible and less invasive, wherein a silicone band is properly secured around the upper part of the stomach to divide it into two. The stomach pouch that has been created can only hold very little amount of food that helps a person to lose weight. The surgery is also safer compared to gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.


Gastric Plication

This is also a laparoscopic surgery that reduces the stomach size without having to remove sections of the stomach or to re-route the intestine or implant some devices. During the surgery, the surgeon will reduce the volume of the stomach by folding it inwardly.


Duodenal Switch

The DS is a kind of malabsorptive and restrictive type of weight loss procedure wherein about 70% of the stomach is being removed to make a cylinder-shaped pouch and connect the remaining portion to the small intestine instead of connecting it to the duodenum.

As there are so many types of surgeries for weight loss that are available today, it is very important to talk to your doctor first to determine which one is the right one for you.

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