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Waterjet Cut and Its Numerous Benefits to Offer

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The process of waterjet cut offers manufacturers a whole new kind of flexibility that other cutting processes cannot offer. Basically, waterjet cutting has a variety of applications and it can cut even those that are irregularly shaped from any kind of material with the best edge quality and exceptional precision. Lettering, internal holes, curves, and straight cuts were once cut by hand, but now, they can be cut in a fraction with the use waterjet.


Exceptional Edge Quality

Edge quality is among the most significant reasons why designers opt for a water jet cutter. A smooth and burr-free edge is always possible with this technology. This is made possible with its pressure, speed, abrasive flow rate, and nozzle size. In most cases, it eliminates the need to apply secondary finishing. This means that you would be able to save time and money while having an increased efficiency.


Efficient and Cost Effective

Just like any other kind of equipment, there will always be a best tool for every application. In the case of waterjet, it greatly excels in cutting products very thick products, multi-layer materials, as well as aluminum, hardened steels, and products that need to be cut without any heat-affected zone or distortion.

If you want a process that can deliver the best edge quality with just very little or no additional edge treatment at all and the kind of flexibility to cut any thickness and type of a product, the waterjet cutting machine is the way to go.


Precise Cutouts

Although the accuracy may vary depending on the machine, mostly it is between ±0.1 to ±0.2mm in terms of accuracy. Waterjet is definitely a very versatile tool used for cutting, one reason why it is globally used now, especially in industries that do intricate designs and types of jobs that need high tolerances.


Cuts Any Thickness and Shape

By using high-pressure of water that is mixed with abrasive, waterjet produces a needle-sharp cutting stream that can cut any thickness and shape. This will include bonded laminated materials like rubber-lined wear plates and aluminum composite panel.


No Heat Affected Zones

Since it makes use of a cold-cutting process, the machine eliminates any problem that is caused by hardened edges and heat distortion. This is very beneficial in intricate metal fabrication and for products that need additional machining. For those who specialize in steel fabrication that needs intricate fitting, any distortion that is caused by hot cutting becomes a problem.


No Need to Change Tools

With the help of the machine, it’s always possible to operate efficiently while achieving profits. It makes use of the same tools in cutting all product types, thus there no need to change the cutting tools when you have to switch to another product. You just have to adjust the feed rate to meet the appropriate speed that will match the thickness and type of material.

With all of these, it’s no wonder why industries today rely so much on the machine as this is a great way to ensure their profit and success.